After the snow….

Hiked up to the Little schuss this Wednesday, Nov 30 to find all of our snow coming down the mountain in liquid form along with all of the rain we got. But it did make for some nice waterfalls on the new Ribbon Falls Trail just off the Bellows South!





Skiing & Riding the ‘Bolt in November!?!?!

The snowstorm on November 19th & 20th offered a rare opportunity to ski/ride the Thunderbolt before the December Holidays. A handful of intrepid alpinists ventured as far as the summit with one reporting: the very top had crazy scouring; the Big Bend & Steps looked sketchy, but AT to Bellows Pipe skied very nicely; the Needle’s Eye had the usual moments of fear [can you say rock ledge!]; the Big Schuss through the Bumps stayed nice. A few TSR Board members took advantage of the 12+ inches of snow and skinned to the top of the Big Schuss on Tuesday and Wednesday. The snow had settled in nicely and made for some good carving on the way down with a bit of crust in the Meadow and then boney conditions on the Bellow’s South to the trailhead parking lot.

Bellows South skin track
Bellows South skin track
Big Schuss skin track
Big Schuss skin track
Top of the Big Schuss
Top of the Big Schuss

Hello to TSR Members..

…and first time visitors to the new Thunderbolt Ski Runners website.


The first of our 2016 Thunderbolt Ski Runners Trail Days that took place on Sunday October 23rd was a huge success!

I wanted to send out a hearty thank you to the two dozen volunteers who made up the work force on our October 23rd Trail Day. People and equipment were ferried up in cars and pick up trucks encountering wintery conditions on the auto road.The “Summit Down Crew” encountered 6-8 inches of snow and a temperature of 31 degrees which meant it was a wee bit colder with the wind blowing up there. From down below the “Base Up Crew” hauled our equipment up to and began clearing the underbrush from the Finish Line up through The Bumps which had a dusting of wet snow.

As a result of the year long drought conditions and our annual fall clearing, the steeps on the Big Schuss did not require our attention. From there the snow cover went from a dusting to about two inches around the Needle’s Eye and maybe three inches of wet snow on The Steps where we met up with the “Summit Down Crew.” Together we cleared the nasty hobble bush in the gentle glade on skier’s left after the Needle’s Eye. At the same time, Dave Birrell and Chris Busch worked together to remove blowdowns from Whitetail and The Bumps.

After taking a break at the bridge both crews worked together to clear all of the goldenrod from the new trail called the North Slope which was part of the 1970’s era Greylock Glen Ski Area that was never completed (see attached map & B&W photo). In addition to the work done on October 23, Dave Childs, Dave Birrell and Heather Linscott worked together to last week to mow the meadow through which the Bucket Trail passes. A big shout out of thanks to Sean Loomis for loaning the club five gas powered weed whackers which our volunteers put to good use.

Because of volunteer efforts on October 23rd, the Trail Day this weekend, Sunday November 6th will focus on upwards of 8-10 blowdowns on the Bellow’s Pipe and David’s Pass.

Paul Chojnowski
TSR President