Jan 10 2019 Rando Series at Berkshire East-Results!

Tonight Four people competed in the Rando Race! Mike from Majic Mountain came down and registered folks. Jonathan S set up the course. Six O’Clock and they were off! See how many laps you can do in an hour. You skin up under one of the lesser used slopes, maybe half way up the mountain. There is a turn around point, you transition and then ski down and do it again!
Here are the results!
1. Jonathan Shefftz 49:45. 5 laps
2. David Cramer 51:42 5 laps
3. Michael McCusker 45:11 3 laps
4. Kevin Forbush 52:44 2 laps
An excellent effort by all!
See y’all next week!

Side Note: I talked to Mike tonight and if you would like to rent skis for the night to “try it” he can bring down a set up from is stash. His email is morunning@gmail.com

Next week I will have pictures!