Dec 14th 2017 on the Mountain first snow 14″

Picture from a couple of days earlier on Mt. Snow
Skinned up the Bellows South trail up to the top of the Big Schuss. Transitioned there and as I was working of folding my skins a skier came zooming down from above. His name was Josh from Great Barrington. Probably the first to ski the bolt this year from top to bottom. There was really not enough base to ski it but he did. When I caught up to him at his car he said he hit a couple of rocks on some steep sections.
When I skied down I was careful to try to ride on top and lean back on my skis and keep my tips up. Went slow and carefully. With no base it can be dangerous but I know the trail pretty well and know where there are stumps and rocks.. skied down Dragons tail, which was tricky at the top…Meadow skied GREAT!! Love that mountain.
Next day skinned up above Bellows Shelter to where the mico burst hit a few years ago. Another careful ski down but was really fun. Noticed some ski tracks coming down from above and talked to Jonathan S. He said they were his. Skied down Bellows Pipe to White tail..was a hoot.. then hit the bucket trail with enough speed to make it to the top of the meadow. Another great ski on the meadow and on down. Dec. 20 and we lost all of that snow.. now maybe we will get a big storm, there is some base left.

Heather Linscott