March 16th 2017 on the Bolt

After the big storm I skinned up the bellows, thanks Steve S, Mark F for breaking the trail out ahead of me. Skinning was great, this was my first day back after a week of being sick and out of commission. The snow on the bolt is blown off in places and very thin. On the AT there was a stump sticking through. Other places there are drifts. So uneven… and a lot of stuff poking through.
Here is my run: Took it slow to the summit and easy on the way down… didn’t want to hit
any rocks… Did Bellows to bottom of the steps, cut in and bush wacked across to steps stayed high to keep up my momentum and made it without any effort to the steps / then down through needles eye and to big schuss, was thin and thick… took it carefully. Then down white tail to glade and up bucket for meadow.. meadow was great…. too short… blasted through a thicket cause it was on my fall line and got snagged up in some briars which knocked me to the
ground. Dam… gotta cut those next year…

Good ski… tough dense snow, skiing was hard on the legs, especially after skiing at Berkshire East the day before but glad to be back out.. Thanks for listening.. Heather….