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Fall trail clearing.

  • TSR Every year in the Fall we hold two trail days to clear the trail of briars that grow up during the summer. This takes about 8 people to walk down the Bolt with bladed weed-wackers.
  • We also take out any downed branches or trees that fall onto the skiable area.

Erosion Concerns

  • Over the years because of the popularity of the Thunderbolt as a challenging hiking trail the Bolt has a couple of places that have become very sensitive to foot traffic and water. The “Big Schuss” and The “Big Bend” have gullies running down them that funnel water down the slope and are eating away at these two areas. The Runners have been working to build water bars on the trail to help keep the water from eroding it further.

Interested in learning more about volunteering for trail days? Email Heather for information!

Trail Days!

Stay tuned for Trail Work days for bike and ski trails 2019-2020!

We usually meet at the Bellows South Parking lot at the end of Gould Road in Adams;
Adams, MA

Looking forward to seeing you there!