Thunderbolt Trail Days

On Sat Oct. 17th
One team will start from the summit with bladed weed wackers and work their way down to the bridge.
This team will leave in a truck earlier and I think all club weed wackers are spoken for.
Another team will start up from the bottom. With swing cutters or bladed weed wackers to clear the trail of briars. Another team will will do Dirt Work on Water Bars on the Bellows South Trail and part of the Big Schuss. Please bring safety gear, safety glasses, helmut or bike helmut and gloves and a mask for covid.
Another group will be doing dirt work on the Bellows South Trail before the four corners to clean out water bars and trim back some brush.
Meet at 113 West Road in Adams between 8:00 and 8:30, which is The Thunderbolt Ski Runners Clubhouse to pick up tools and sign a waiver.
We will try to shuttle up to trailhead.(Because the parking in the Glen has been limited these days)
If you come late or need directions call
413-884-4344 or 917-860 4194
If you have any general question about the day call 413-884-4342

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